Videos! Prophecy in the Book of Revelation


Prophecy in The Book of Revelation Explained!


“The Way, The Truth and The Life” is a verse by verse video study of Prophecy in The Book of Revelation, the Holy Bible’s final book! Hosted by Bible Student, Ken Wade, the study explains many Biblical symbols. Understand the meanings of “the Beast,” “dragon,” “Whore,” “Babylon,” and “Pale Horse,” to name just a few. This video series will open eyes to a bright promise of redemption, justice and hope for mankind.

Prophecy in the Book of Revelation

Bible Prophecy in the Book of Revelation revealed

View “The Way, The Truth and The Life” TV Programs here, ON-DEMAND. You may notice the lack of fancy graphics and special effects. You might even notice the first few episodes look different from the rest. Not to worry–the content is what matters, and if you follow along with your own Bible, you WILL receive a greater blessing! The series runs 53 episodes, each being 28 minutes long. View one each week and you will complete this incredible journey in about one year.

A truly devoted Christian will strongly consider adding our “7 Keys to the Scriptures,” books that provide an even deeper study. Be sure to see the offer on our Bible Study Help page. Click on an episode to understand God’s Holy Word, whose meaning has been divinely hidden until “the end times,” which we believe is now.


If The Book of Revelation is known at all, it is known for its symbols and prophecies. Many powerful images come to mind, and this video series attempts to provide sensible and connected meaning to them all. A steady, verse-by-verse approach is needed, however, and the committed Christian should plan a course of study that gives time to each episode. If a greater understanding of Prophecy in the Book of Revelation is desired, the time spent watching is well worth it!